Visa Message (OK To Board)

FAQs on Visa Verification / OK To Board (OTB) Message

What is OK To Board (OTB)?

OK To Board Message updating is a pre-condition and visa verification procedure undertaken by the airline to check and confirm the authenticity of the entry permit issued to the passenger. Thereby an authority message is entered in the airline’s reservation system against the PNR number. In other words the copy of paper-based visa (one that is not stamped in the passport) has been inspected and validated by the carrying airline or its representing agency, against which the boarding pass will be issued at the airport.


Why is OTB required?

Normally, if an airline permits a passenger to travel without a valid visa, they will be fined by the emigration authorities and the offender will also be made to bear the cost of his repatriation back to the origin airport. To avoid such complications, the airline ensures that the passenger has valid passport and visa prior to issuing the boarding pass.


Is OK To Board mandatory?

The OTB is not mandatory for all passengers in all airlines. For example; Indians holding a ‘Non-ECR’ or ‘ECNR’ passport does not require OTB message to travel to UAE. However we recommend you to check it in detail with our travel consultants.


What is the process for updating an OTB?

Upon submitting your visa copy along with the airline ticket, our staff will do the needful to get the OK To Board message updated in the PNR/booking of the airline concerned.


How will I receive the OK To Board message?

Once our team gets the OK to Board status updated with the airline, they will call or e-mail the details to you. However, you can also call the respective airline directly to reconfirm the status of your OK to Board message.


Is there any fee applicable for processing OTB?

Most of the airlines charge a fee for updating OTB message in the PNR. These charges may vary from airline to airline.


How early should I process the OK To Board?

Most airlines require you to update the OTB status at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure, although the duration varies from one airline to another. However, it is best to put in your requisition at the earliest and avoid any last-minute hassle.


What happens if I have not updated the OK To Board message?

In a scenario where OTB status does not get reflected in your PNR, the airline may reject or cancel your travel and consequently you will not be allowed to board the flight.


Is OK To Board required for all Airlines?

Not all airlines require an OK To Board message. The requirement for an OTB will depend on your nationality, passport and airline. We always advise you to check on the process details with our travel consultants.


Want to process your OK To Board?

Our staff will help you to get the OK To Board message updated in the booking, on time and at any time. For more details, please contact us on 600 54 3330.

Our team will also be able to extend assistance in updating Ok To Board (Visa Message) on:

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(Allowed formats files are: PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG and file size should not exceed maximum 2MB )

Terms & Conditions

All your form submissions should be done at least 48 hours prior to flight departure and you must attach clear pdf file less than 2MB of flight ticket including valid return and visa copy.

Visa message submission allowed only on the airline mentioned in the drop-down list. Upon submission, our consultant will contact you for further requirements.

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