Brazil Visa

Brazil is the largest country in South America bounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon River runs through northeastern Brazil, and the Amazon Rainforest covers about one-third of the country.


How to Apply for a Visa to the Brazil from Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Planning to visit Brazil, the football passionate country with amazing man-made constructions like Itaipu Dam, Christ the Redeemer, etc. Plan your trip to Brazil with Deira Travel and apply for a tourist visa to Brazil from us without hassle.

Visitor visas may be granted to visitors for a short stay, for the following purposes:





Some passport holders need to apply in person

Applicants holding Afghan, Egyptian, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Iranian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese, Libyan, Nepalese, Nigerian, North Korean, Pakistani, Palestinian, Senegalese, Sudanese or Syrian passports are required to apply in person.


Processing Time

Visas are issued in a minimum of 5 – 7 working days

Required Documents

       One (1) recent photo 3x4 cm, front view, white background

       The applicant’s passport, valid for no less than 6 months, with at least two blank pages

       The applicant's UAE original residence visa, with a copy. Applicants that are not residents of the UAE must apply in person;

       Applicant’s personal bank statement stamped by the bank for the last three (3) months

       NOC Letter from the sponsor (stating the applicant’s position in the company, wage and purpose of the trip)

       A legible copy (deposit slip) of the consular fee payment

Supporting Documents

       Hotel booking reservation/s confirming duration of stay

       Travel itinerary such as airline bookings/tickets showing departure dates and destinations

       Travel & medical insurance

Deira Travel's Assistance

       Detailed guidance with documentation that will reduce the chances of rejection

       Filing of Visa Application Form

       Make an appointment to submit your documents at the appropriate visa application center.

       Making arrangements for flight and hotel booking(Only for visa purpose)

       one-to-one attention from a dedicated staff member who will guide you through the entire application procedure

General Conditions

       Your passport must be valid for at least another 6 months and have at least two blank visa pages

       Application can be delivered in person or sent by PRO

       Embassy reserves the right to ask for further documents if required

       Any foreign citizen who acts aggressively, insultingly, or disrespectfully when submitting his or her application will have his or her visa denied

       Visa fees are not refundable